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What's the Tea, What Shampoo is right for me?

The following is an Q & A article I put together for the local Spring Valley, Houston magazine. This was inspired by an old family friend asking me for a recommendation for a moisturizing shampoo. For my hair Oribe Gold Lust is the most moisturizing but this woman struggles with fine hair, so my favorite would weigh down her hair if used daily. What questions do you have about shampoo and conditioner?

So many options!

Picking out your shampoo can be overwhelming with so many options. At our salon alone, we sell over 25 different shampoos to fit your needs. While it is amazing to have options to fit different needs I have put together some common questions and answers to help you find what is right for you. Shampoo and Conditioner sets the stage for your daily style; this step can make or break your daily hair style.

Q: What is the best shampoo for moisture?

A: This is a loaded question and I need more information. Is your hair fine or thick, straight or curly? Is your hair naturally dry or is it chemically treated. Some of my favorite shampoos that deliver moisture are KMS Moist Repair Shampoo, Oribe’s Gold Lust Shampoo, and Goldwell Dual Sense’s Rich Repair Shampoo. For finer textures that still need moisture I love Oribe’s Brilliance and Shine shampoo and conditioner. For hair that is dry due to chemical stress I prefer Oribe’s Gold Lust Shampoo, conditioner and treatments.

Q: I am in the sun a lot and it seems to fade my hair, what do you recommend?

A. Oribe Beautiful color shampoo and conditioner has great UV protection, it protects against UVA and UVB rays. It is my favorite for those who are constantly in the sun.

Q: What is the deal with sulfates? Are they that big of a deal and do I really need to avoid them?

A: Certain sulfates can be very damaging and drying to your hair. They are basically a detergent. There are different grades of sulfates, some are gentler than others. For example some Oribe products use vegetable based sulfates that will not strip color or smoothing treatments from your hair. If you aren’t sure if it is a strong sulfate or not, then it is best to just avoid it. Strong sulfates can irritate your scalp as well as remove essential oils that are necessary for the health of your hair.

Q: Sulfate free shampoos give me less suds, is it still cleaning my hair?

A: Yes it still cleans your hair but you do have to work the hair more than you are probably used to doing. First get the hair very wet, then apply a small amount of shampoo, scrub; add more water, a bit more shampoo and by the second or third shampoo you should get a slight lather which is your clue the hair is clean.

Q: How often should I shampoo?

A: 2 to 3 times a week is sufficient, although I have clients who go longer between shampoos. Shampooing too often strips essential oils from your hair. This can be a difficult transition for people used to shampooing daily. Your scalp is used to producing excess oil to compensate for being shampooed daily; to remedy this during the transition I suggest rinsing with water but eventually you won’t have to do this.

Q: I work out a lot and sweat a lot what do I do?

A: Cleansing conditioners are a relatively new thing on the market and are a great option for those who work out. I would recommend alternating between traditional shampoos and a cleansing conditioner for a gentler cleanse that will still remove that sweat and make you smell fresh and clean! Oribe’s Cleansing Cream and Goldwell Kerasilk’s Cleansing conditioner are two of my favorites, they both leave the hair silky and smell absolutely fabulous.

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