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Pandemic Hair loss

Is pandemic hair loss a thing? It seems like it. Currently it is trending in my consultations. Clients tell me they are seeing an abnormal amount of shedding. Clients are mentioning hair is coming out by the hand full and they have brushes full of hair.

Some of these clients had corona virus but not all of these clients have had covid19; however a startling number of people who have had Covid19 are reporting hair loss and a slower hair growth. I've read articles in the New York Times as well as industry blogs/news sources saying that I am not alone in noticing this trend.

2020 has been a year with surprise after surprise. Living during a pandemic has been seen its share of stress. Its not a shock to me that I am seeing this stress in my clients hair. With moms (or dad's) now having to manage homeschool, or manage new social distancing restrictions with their kids while maintaining their jobs and or regular household duties... this is a lot. With covid advisories and travel restrictions not everyone is able to see their family this holiday season. I know people who have not been inside a storefront or seen family members since March. We could all list many reasons this has been a stressful year.

Stress takes its toll on your hair. It takes its toll on your immune system also! Scientists aren't sure why our body reacts the way it does but I can always tell in my regular clients when they are going through a stressful time period. You may tell me lies- but your hair wont!

While of course I have product recommendations that encourage hair growth. They work wonders, but my first and biggest recommendation is to set aside time for you. Make sure you are prioritizing "Me time". Whether it is listening to Ariana Grande with a face moisturizing mask on and a deep conditioner on your hair; or maybe it's face time or House Party call with the friends/family you can't see in person yet. Maybe it's taking an online Yoga class, or taking your dog for a walk through the park. You need to make self-care a priority.

After self care is scalp care! Healthy scalp = healthy hair. Goldwell Kerasilk Revitalize makes The Redensify Shampoo and the Redensify Serum to stimulate your scalp! These are two of my favorites! The shampoo is color safe and it also smells fabulous and fresh with sage and thyme. There is a whole line of scalp care products based on your individual needs!

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