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Trending Fall 2019

This layered length will be everywhere this fall. This look utilizes coppery shadows to make the golden highlights look even brighter and show off her beautiful natural red hair

Fall has always been one of my favorite seasons. Time to change the wardrobe and enjoy those brisk evening walks with the dogs, the changing of the leaves, hayrides and hot cocoa! Okay so maybe not in Houston! But even if our weather doesn’t change dramatically we can still enjoy a beautiful fall change. I encourage my clients to do a seasonal change; some people go for the drama while others enjoy more subtle changes. I always say that even if I can’t feel the fall in the air, I’m going to put the fall in your hair!

So here is what to expect this fall:

Emily Su rocks her super blunt bob! We darkened previous highlights to dark, sultry tones.

SHORT HAIR! As we have already seen this summer bobs and lobs are one of the hottest looks right now! We are going to see a lot more of this throughout fall and winter. Kien Hoang Director of Content with Oribe predicted “sleek and slicked polished straight. Dark rich browns with the length of hair, blunt and bobbed.” I immediately think of Irina Shayk’s super sleek and sexy bob. Bob’s and lob’s are great because it can be suited and tailored to fit your face shape and hair texture. A lob can elongate a round face while a shorter bob can really accentuate a long, sexy neck!

This gorgeous shag was cut by my friend Raven Camacho, owner of Raven Row Salon, Austin Tx. Check out her work on instagram @soraverly

THE SHAG! Its back ya’all and I am here for it! The modern shag is revisiting the shag from the 70’s with a new modern vibe. The new shag is all about utilizing and embracing natural texture. This is a great way for someone with longer hair to update your look without going super short. Think mid length hair or longer with shorter layers. When I asked International Oribe Educator Adam Livermore about natural texture he said “it’s exciting, it reflects what is going on at fashion week, and it’s a much more supportive message to send to the world. It’s about individuality and uniqueness, rather than making yourself look like everyone else."

Blushed Mushroom Brown Very cool brunette tones with hints of pink and violet browns.

HAIR COLOR; This fall we will also see very rich dark brunette tones with all the shine we can get! We will even see hair so dark it looks black, that blue black hair will also make a presence. Brunette should never be boring and I live for subtle dimension in brunette color stories. Mushroom brown will continue to be popular for the lighter brunettes. This fall blondes don’t have to be left out, I encourage my blondes to add darker blonde shadow pieces or even a darker shadow root as a subtle fall change. Even changing the tone of your blonde can give you a fresh new look.

Nancy is always up for a good accessory moment... I mean check out her glasses!

ACCESSORIZE! Scarves were all over the fall runway! Use that inspiration and use a scarf to class up that pony tail! Barrettes are also definitely having a moment right now and are a great way to style 2nd or 3rd day hair! I have even seen a few banana clips around again!

I encourage you this fall to embrace change, whether dramatic or subtle don’t get stuck! Hair should be a journey not a destination. Right now is a great time because there are so many options we can choose styles that show off our personality and best fit our lifestyle, face shape and hair texture!

Fall wardrobe fashion is equally exciting. You will see influence of the 70's, 80's and 90's! With an abundance of bright colors and feathers, accessories galore, and amazing different textures; I'm instantly hooked! I'm looking forward to seeing brighter pops of color than the usual fall. Jewel tones and fluorescent tones will remain popular. Mint green and bright lime green will continue to stay in the mix as well as purple and lavender; shades of purple are everywhere! I also loved the almost gothic and moody floral prints that graced the runways of Prada and Marc Jacobs. Entire leather lewks are also great for the adventurous, my favorite was a gorgeous leather dress by Alexander McQueen; and I can't get enough of the fabulous capes that draped the shoulders on the runways of Chanel, Marc Jacobs, Chloe and Celine. These are just a few reasons I love fall!

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